Layered aromas of baked peaches, chai tea and honey  are complimented by notes of apple. The aromas carry to the palate with a rich finish.


Great with flaky pastry hors d’oeurves, roasted pork with apple sauce or sharp cheeses



Additional Wine Style Info:

This dessert wine is made from a second pressing of Icewine grapes. When we press for Icewine production the grapes are still frozen and we press out the grape sugars. We then let those frozen grapes thaw just slightly and press again to produce a select late harvest wine. There is more water in this style of wine and the juice must meet a minimum of 26Brix (Icewine is 35Brix).


Winemaker’s Notes:

I normally describe Select Late Harvest wines as a more diluted version of Icewine, because it basically is – and that’s not a bad thing. More water is present when pressing these grapes, so we still get the intense Icewine aromatics and flavour profile just a bit lighter and not quite as thick. Finished wine comparison, our Icewine has a residual sugar of 100g/L and our Select Late Harvest is 50g/L. You can taste the difference between these wine styles in the Vidal Progression Collection