Waupoos Estate Winery

Located on a stunning 100 acre waterfront property, Waupoos Estates Winery was the first winery in Prince Edward County.

The vineyards were first planted in 1993 with an experimental mindset to see what would grow in this area. As the vines continued to thrive, more varieties were planted – Waupoos now has 20 acres of established vineyards growing 18 different varieties. Our wines have placed in national and international wine competitions, with the medal count growing annually.

The wine cellar and retail store were built from the ground up. The building is rich in limestone (hand picked from a quarry in Kingston ON) and officially opened in 2001. Here you can sample our award winning wines, purchase wine and wine-related gifts and don’t forget to visit the chocolate and gelato store.
As the estate matured over time, we built a beautiful restaurant by the water, nestled amongst the vineyards. Our restaurant’s focus is farm to table; we grow produce and raise proteins on the farm to offer the freshest ingredients whenever possible.

Take a look at our property map to see all of the things we grow and produce on the estate.

Ed & Rita

The founders

In 1993, founders Ed Neuser and Rita Kaimins became Prince Edward County pioneers by opening the County’s first winery. Neuser, a German-born machinist, came to Canada in 1957. In 1983, he purchased the 100-acre farm and century-old house, planting the seeds for what would become the lynchpin of thriving local wine industry. “It was after a couple glasses of wine, or maybe it was a couple of bottles. Everybody thought we were off our rockers—we had no experience growing grapes, let alone making wine.”

Experienced or not, Ed and Rita were clearly onto something. After starting with just a half acre vineyard, today Waupoos Estates has grown to 20 acres of thriving vineyard. Having help from key collaborators, such as General Manager Kyle Baldwin, who has been running the winery for more than fifteen years, has been a huge part of the winery’s success. “We’ve put the county on the world map, its been quite a journey” —Ed Neuser

Amy Baldwin

The Winemaker

Our award winning winemaker was born and raised in Barrie Ontario. She studied literature abroad in England and general arts in Montreal – the creative process fascinated her which eventually led her to winemaking. At the young age of 20 and on a whim, Amy enrolled at Niagara College for the winery and viticulture program. The gamble was worth it and she fell in love with the craft, and also completed the post grad wine business management program to see the other side of the industry. After her three-year college experience and time working at Reif Estates the opportunity of a lifetime arose. With the help and support of her family and mentor Rob DiDominico she moved to the small town of Picton to embark on this new chapter of head winemaker at Waupoos Estates at the age of 23. Years later Amy continues to produce award winning wines and try new production methods. She also produces award winning cider for the Estate Cider House – Clafeld Fruit Winery and for The 401 Cider Brewery.

Winemaking is one of those unique practices that harmonizes science and nature,” Amy says. “Every year is different. Once the grapes have been harvested, the creative possibilities become endless. Wines can be similar but they will never be the same. From the vineyard to the bottle, each step is as exciting as the last.

What we grow

We have 7 different vineyard plots on our Estate. Proper site selection is crucial for their survival as well as the quality of our grapes and vines.


Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Gamay Noir, Baco Noir, Shiraz, Frontenac, De Chaunac


Vidal, Seyval, Geisenheim 318, Geisenheim 322, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Auxerrois, Muscat Osceola, Riesling, Gewurztraminer

The Estate at a Glance