Aromas of citrus blossom and crisp pear are complimented by notes of gooseberry and hints of beeswax.  The fruit comes through on the palate, with a clean finish.


Food Pairings:

Fish tacos, garlic mussels, spaghetti Carbonara, pear walnut and goat cheese salad, grilled chicken, spinach enchiladas.



Additional Info:

Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio (Pee-noh GREE-gee-oh) are actually the same grape, Pinot Gris is native to Alsace France and Pinot Grigio native to Italy. Even though they are the same grape, a clone (colour mutant) of Pinot Noir they are capable of producing a variety of white wines in a number of wine growing regions. Styles range from crisp and fresh (Italy) to spicy, exotic and full bodied (Alsace). With an aromatic profile of citrus, pears, apples, nuts, mineral and honey.

Winemaker’s Notes:

A stunning, easy drinking Pinot Gris! Lots of fun delicate aromas to this wine – it sort of checks all the boxes! There are orchard floral notes and orchard fruit – then it gets a little more complex with hints of gooseberry and the beeswax comes in at the end adding some structure and depth to the aromatics. It carries to the palate, nice and light – refreshing with 10g/L residual sugar.