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Gamay Cabernet Reserve 2019

77% Gamay, 23% Cabernet

A rich oak forward wine – big notes of toasted oak and forest dominate. Fruit notes of fig and strawberry jam are balanced by spicy notes of clove and black pepper. The aromas carry to the palate with hints toasted vanilla and coffee bean with an oak finish. Single 300L barrel, unfiltered


Roasted duck with plum sauce, pistachio crusted rack of lamb, firm aged cheese, mushroom pizza, rich pastas





Additional Info:

Cabernet Franc is an early ripening variety that is more acidic and typically a lighter style then its offspring Cabernet Sauvignon (a vine crossing of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc). Distinctive violet floral are associated with Cab Franc specifically violets, bright red fruit like raspberry and cherry and can also have a nuance of herbs or peppers. Gamay / Gamay Noir originates from Beaujolais France, the grape can also go under the alias Beaujolais. This variety is known for incredibly easy drinking red wines. Offering the lightest style of red wine it is full of strawberry, tuitti fruitti cherry and low tannin. Gamay can also have richer characteristics of plum, pepper, and earth. These wines are usually best consumed when young and served slightly chilled. A great variety for new red wine drinkers.

Winemaker’s Notes:

We have made this blend of Gamay and Cab for a couple of years and it always impresses me! Estate grown fruit that resulted in a rich full bodied wine – the flavour profile is bang on with full tannin. A stellar wine – single barrel produced only 300L and unfiltered.