Warm aromas of mocha and toasted coconut are lightened by notes of black cherry. These aromas carry to the palate with brights acidity and sweet oak finish.



Classic pizza, honey glazed ham, pate and charcuterie, smoked meats, vegetable tart





Additional Info:

DeChaunac is also known as Seibel 9548. It is a cross of Seibel 5165 and possibly Seibel 793. Developed by Albery Seibel circa 1860 and named after Adhemar de Chaunac a pioneer in the Canadian wine industry.

It has a vigorous growth habit and good disease resistance, and also cold hardy. This little-known variety is easy-drinking, with cherry, raspberry, and a slight gaminess. This variety works in many different styles and again is a high yielding variety so that plays in our favour. It is not a common or widely planted variety and is quite unique to our vineyard. Producing big berry fruit forward rosé wines to medium bodied reds. I sometimes compare it to a being in between a Merlot and Pinot Noir –  nice red fruit notes, balanced tannin often very smoother but it is lighter in style (than merlot) and can have a higher acidity. Food friendly and easy drinking.

Winemaker’s Notes:

A real crowd pleaser! A higher residual sugar makes this a very easy drinking wine and a great intro wine for new red wine drinkers. Really fun profile of cherry and mocha, lots of toasty notes but not overpowering.