Family Fun

Fun for all ages!

We have a variety of activities and events for visitors of all ages, including a petting zoo, chocolatier, wine tasting & tours, and hotel accommodations.

Petting Zoo

We have an interactive petting zoo experience that is opened seasonally for you to enjoy. You are welcome to visit our goats, ducks and chickens. This is no charge. Feed is available for $1 if you wish to feed the animals. These animals are checked on multiple times a day, there are automatic water dispensers around the whole farm – this provides fresh drinking water and all animals know how to use them. Our petting zoo is open for you to enjoy, but we do ask that you respect our rules and our animals. Anyone seen breaking these rules will be asked to leave.

  1. Parents are responsible for their children, these animals
    are friendly but are still farm animals
  2. Do not feed animals outside food or pick apples to feed
    them, this will make them sick
  3. Do not chase or pick up any animals
  4. Abide by other signage posted


The Chocolate and Candy Store at Waupoos Estates Winery is popular among locals and guests! Come in and sample some of our exquisite chocolate treats, like locally made Donini Chocolates, from Belleville ON. Our bulk candy section offers classics and new fun treats stocked primarily by Canadian Candy Co. in Colborne ON. If that wasn’t sweet enough we also carry a selection of homemade fudge, gourmet Toronto-made Popcorn, novelty candy and ice cold Gelato (in season).


Walking Trails

Enjoy all that Prince Edward County has to offer! This includes the walking trails spread throughout the Waupoos Estates Winery’s vast property. If you want to further explore the county, feel free to ask us for recommendations on where to go!

Upcoming Events

We are always up to something at Waupoos Estates Winery. Click here to find out what events are on the calendar when you are visiting the County!

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