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A set of four 200mL bottles

This progression collection will take you on a gourmet tasting experience.  Each artfully designed bottle has curated information specific to it’s style – harvest information, tasting notes and food pairings. The tasting portion unveils a sensory experience like no other. The aromas and tasting profiles intensify as the flight progresses. This is the first time we have produced all four styles of wine in one vintage by the same varietal.

Tasting Flight should be arranged as Table wine to Dessert Wines as follows: Vidal
Late Harvest Vidal
Vidal Select Late Harvest
Vidal Icewine
We recommend setting up four glasses with a few ounces per glass to fully experience the progression. There is an information booklet included that explains the difference in harvest time for each wine style.

Winemaker’s Notes:

This is a really amazing collection! All wines were estate grown and produced, the first year we have made all four styles from the same grape variety within the same vintage year. The Vidal and Vidal Late Harvest are both bone dry at 3g/L residual sugar – this is a little odd for a late harvest but not only do i love the intense late harvest profile it’s really amazing to compare the two wine dry to see the real difference in harvest time. The Vidal Select Late Harvest and Vidal Icewine are a little on the dry side for some the Select at 48g/L residual sugar and the Icewine at 100g/L residual – the intense flavour profiles are there for sure.