Waupoos Estates Icewine, true to it’s style this icewine is layered with rich aromas of baked peaches, honey and apricot. The aromas carry to the palate with a balanced acidity and lingering finish.


Best with sharp aged cheeses or baked Brie, can pair nicely with fruit dessersts like apple pie or go wild and pair it with pulled pork sliders



Additional Icewine Info:

Icewine is believed to have originated in Germany in the late 1700s, German immigrants carried this traditional wine style in Canada around 1970. Ontario is now a leading producer in Icewine. Icewine is highly regulated and monitored by the VQA, we register grapes in November with the grape variety, acreage, and the estimated tonnage.

Icewine grapes are left on the vines until we reach consistent temperatures of -8C (optimal temp is -10C to -12C) Generally harvested anytime from Dec – Feb. The time the grapes stay on the vine from fall to winter the grapes dehydrate and the juices concentrate. We harvest and press when the grapes are frozen extracting the grape sugars (any water is frozen) which inherit the complex flavour profile. Icewine juice must be at least 35Brix to qualify for VQA Icewine a standard table wine harvested in the fall is normally around 20 – 24Brix.

Harvest and pressing is done in the cold and often in the dark to prevent the grapes from thawing. Extracting only a few drops per grape this ‘liquid gold’ is then fermented into a wine. Fermentation is often longer then a table wine as the environment is quite stressful on yeast. The wine is left with a high residual sugar making is a delicious treat. Best served cold generally a 1-2oz serving.

As the serving size is small for icewine don’t fret about an opened bottle not getting used up. Simply cork the bottle and keep it in the fridge, the high sugar content helps to preserve the wine much longer – often a few weeks. Over time you will start to notice a loss in the flavour profile, it is great to experiment with in the kitchen! Try it in a vinaigrette, over ice cream, or a glaze for meat! There are lots of possibilities to use every last drop!

Winemaker’s Notes:

This is the first VQA Prince Edward County Icewine that Waupoos has produced in a decade. Amazingly flavourful, rich and displays classic Vidal Icewine notes. This wine is also featured in the Vidal Progression collection where you can literally taste your way through different harvest times. This icewine sits at 100g/L residual sugar