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Golden in colour this Vidal is bursting with flavour. Notes of golden pineapple and fresh peach are balanced by subtle notes of citrus zest. Hints of wildflower honey and fresh cut hay add a level of dimension – the aromas carry to the palate in this dry white wine.


Grilled chicken, seafood like scallops and mussels, salads with a citrus vinaigrette.



Additional Info:

Possibly the best of the white French – American hybrid grape varieties, an Ugni blanc and Seibel 4986 hybrid variety. Excellent winemaking and viticulture properties, this thick skinned grape variety is very cold tolerant and is late ripening making it extremely suitable to Canadian climate, and one of the most popular varieties to use for icewine production. A range of wine styles can be produced with this grape dry to sweet table wines, dessert and icewines. Vidal tends to display aromas and flavours of peach, apricot, honey, and soft floral notes
Appassimento: These hand harvested grapes were dried in our greenhouse prior to crushing and fermenting. The bunches were carefully laid in a single layer and dried for 4 – 7 days

Winemaker’s Notes:

These grapes dried for eight days in the greenhouse, fermented on the skins for five days which pulled a gorgeous colour. Vidal has such a great flavor profile, and a nice acidity making it a perfect varietal to try. The aromas really seemed to concentrate, lots of bright fruit notes and complex notes that layer really nicely! This is made bone dry, with a balanced acidity.
The custom pewter labels on this wine turned out amazing!