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VIDAL 2019

Sweet floral aromas of apple blossom meet crisp notes of apple, peach and a whisper of pineapple; hints of honey and wet stone complete the profile. The fruit aromas carry to the palate with hints of citrus zest. An easy drinking wine with a clean finish.  


Antipasto, smoked and cured meats, sweet potato mac & cheese, roasted poultry, grilled veggie kabobs or pasta with a creamy sauce.



Additional Info:

Vidal (VEE-dal) Possibly the best of the white French – American hybrid grape varieties, an Ugni blanc and Seibel 4986 hybrid variety. Excellent winemaking and viticulture properties, this thick skinned grape variety is very cold tolerant and is late ripening making it extremely suitable to Canadian climate, and one of the most popular varieties to use for icewine production. A range of wine styles can be produced with this grape dry to sweet table wines, dessert and icewines, occasionally displaying Riesling – like characteristics. Vidal tends to display aromas and flavours of peach, apricot, honey, and soft floral notes.


Winemaker’s Notes:

Vidal can be a very underestimated varietal in a table wine style. Known for it’s popularity in late harvests and icewines I find that this hybrid is overlooked in a table wine style. Personally I find year after year this variety displays amazing stone fruit, floral and sometimes tropical fruit notes. This is a light weight wine, easy drinking and fruit forward. It sits dry at 3g/L residual sugar so it is super food friendly as well!