These wines are a great example of our varieties at Waupoos Estates. We have seven different vineyard plots on the property, each with their own unique terroir.

These labels are a representation of the soil composition from each vineyard, from the top we start with organic matter/top soil
sandy loam
clay loam
limestone bedrock

Some vineyards are two feet to limestone others are eighteen feet.

Muscat 2021 – pineapple, peach, orange blossom (3g/L residual sugar)
Auxerrois 2021 – marmalade, cantaloupe, green apple (3g/L residual sugar)
Field Blend Rose 2021 – Baco Noir + Muscat berry, pineapple, watermelon (3g/L residual sugar)
Baco Noir 2021 – plum, fig, toasted oak (3g/L residual sugar)
De Chaunac 2021 – raspberry, cherry cordial, vanilla (17g/L residual sugar)