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Reserve Red Mix 6

One of each of our Red Reserve Wines

Each variety is a small lot production ranging from 300 – 900L  All barrel aged

The collection includes

Frontenac Reserve 2019
De Chaunac Reserve 2019
Cabernet Reserve 2019
Gamay Cabernet Reserve 2019
Gamay Noir Reserve 2019
Baco Noir Reserve 2019

At a glance tasting notes

Frontenac Reserve – Dry 3g/L Strawberry, Fig Vanilla

De Chaunac Reserve – Dry 3g/L Raspberry, Honeycomb, Toasted Oak

Cabernet Reserve – Dry 3g/L Blackcurrant, Violet, Toasted Oak

Gamay Cabernet Reserve – Dry 3g/L Strawberry Jam, Clove, Oak

Gamay Noir Reserve – Dry 3g/L Pomegranate, Peony, Spice

Baco Noir Reserve – Dry 3g/L Stewed Cherries, Dark Chocolate, Coffee Grounds