A layered bouquet of exotic fruit swirls out of the glass. Notes of Meyer lemon and mango meet green apple with aromas of fig and candied melon. The fruit transitions to profile of honey and a slight spiciness. The palate is complex with the spice notes upfront and fruit following with a dry finish.

Food Pairings:

Loaded charcutier – salami and cured meats, nuts, cheeses, berries; the works,  seafood dishes as a light pasta or risotto, roasted poultry with lemon and herbs or fresh leafy salads with berries.



Additional Info:

Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio (Pee-noh GREE-gee-oh) are actually the same grape, Pinot Gris is native to Alsace France and Pinot Grigio native to Italy. Even though they are the same grape, a clone (colour mutant) of Pinot Noir they are capable of producing a variety of white wines in a number of wine growing regions. Styles range from crisp and fresh (Italy) to spicy, exotic and full bodied (Alsace). With an aromatic profile of citrus, pears, apples, nuts, mineral and honey.

Winemaker’s Notes:

This Pinot Gris is classified as Skin Contact, we let the juice ferment with the grape skins and seeds. Pinot Gris is almost a bronze coloured grape the result from skin contact is this amazing copper tone. We also see some increased depth of flavour with this technique, despite the intense aromatic profile and colour this wine presents mid weight (nothing too heavy) and dry at 3g/L residual sugar.