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Try our trio of orange wines!

All three wines were are classified as skin fermented white wines. We allow the juice to ferment with the grape skins for at least 10 days. This adds to the flavour profile of the wines and adds some unique colour hues! Depending on the grape variety the colour can vary from darker yellow, to orange to almost pink de fermented on the skins for at least 10 days,

Gewürztraminer 2021
Skin Fermented White 

Aromas of rose water, lychee, and hints of spice dominate the profile. with underlying notes of rose petal and cantaloupe. The fragrant bouquet carries to the palate with a lightness. The intense flavours are not overwhelming on the palate making this an easy drinking, dry orange wine.   

Food Pairings: Squash ravioli, spiced chicken, Thai curries, crispy spring rolls, or Fois Gras.

Giesenheim 318 2021
Skin Fermented White  

This dry white displays amazing aromas of the classic ‘fuzzy peach’ candy. The candied peach is complimented by fresh golden pineapple and floral apple blossom. This bright fruit forward bouquet is balance by a whisper of slate. The palate is dominated by peach finishing with a crisp, zesty finish.

Food Pairings: Lightly seasoned white fish, pesto grilled chicken with peaches, grilled zucchini with goat cheese and honey. 

Pinot Gris 2021
Skin Fermented White

Aromas of rose water and candied melon are balanced by notes of grapefruit and river stone. Hints of baking spice and Earl Grey tea add complexity to the bouquet. The aromas carry to the palate with a balanced acidity and lingering finish.

Food Pairings: Coconut curries, leafy salads with apples and walnuts, shrimp Pad Thai, or appetizers.