Maple goodies!

This maple collection features all kinds of maple treats, savoury and sweet!

The syrup collection is produced at the Estate from our sugar bush, each year we have close to 3,000 taps through our bush with pipeline and buckets. The syrup is boiled under the watchful eye of a fifth generation maple producer.


Maple Syrup Trio
• 125mL jars x 3 •

Delicious maple syrup made at Waupoos Estates!
This collection of syrups showcases the subtle differences between sap harvest times. From our first sap collection, mid season and at the end of sap running. Sap runs when the tree is coming out of it’s dormant period, as the weather warms the sap starts to flow (having cold nights and warmer days promotes sap running longer), when the tree buds the season is over.

Maple BBQ Jerky
• 70 g Pack Size •

Smooth molasses and zingy paprika help to give our Maple Jerky its distinct BBQ flavour. Equal parts smoky and sweet, it’s affectionately known as “meat candy” at the Jerky in a Box HQ, and trust us when we say that it’s every bit as delicious as that sounds.

Donini Chocolate Bar
• 100 g bar •

72% Dark chocolate with maple granules

Donini Maple Peanut Brittle
• 250 g Pack Size •

An old-fashioned favourite with a touch and twist of real Canadian Maple syrup loaded with natural Virginia Peanuts! The best Gourmet Maple Peanut Brittle yet!

Donini Maple Pecan Crunch
• 300 g Pack Size •

Incredibly delicious, like no one has ever tasted.” LOADED with honey roasted pecans, pretzel’s and maple popcorn. Hand-drizzled with milk and white chocolate, we then break it up into mouth-watering chunks, with no two pieces alike. From the first bite to the last you can taste the freshness and quality that makes it so deliciously good! Made with real couverture chocolate. No artificial chocolate compounds or coatings!