Canadian Jerky!

This artisanal jerky is made in Saskatchewan, we’ve created a savory collection and a spicy collection each featuring four varieties

  • 100% Canadian Beef – Why would you want jerky made of anything else?
  • Spectacular Spices – Our timeless family recipes ensure every bite is packed full of flavour.
  • Superior Smoke – All of our jerky is naturally smoked using maple and hickory hardwood chips.


Original Jerky Sticks
• 80 g Pack Size •

It’s called Original for a reason: a classic, no-nonsense recipe for all to enjoy. Crafted in convenient jerky stick form for a rich and meaty flavour with a soft and tender bite. It’s snackable, easy-to-chew, and always best when shared with family and friends.

Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Jerky
• 70 g Pack Size •

Salt and pepper make everything better, yes, even jerky. This humble hunk of meat is one of our most popular proteins, and for good reason: it’s an all-natural recipe. No fancy words, no gimmicks, just simple, sharp, and satisfying jerky.

Korean Style Jerky
• 70 g Pack Size •

this new Korean hit is full of all the savoury, sweet, and salty notes you want in your jerky. With soy sauce, ginger, garlic, onion, and red bell pepper all coming together in perfect harmony, it’s basically a party in your mouth.

Montreal Smoked Style Jerky
• 70 g Pack Size •

Some things just aren’t meant to be messed with, which is why our take on this Canadian classic sticks close to tradition. Filled with the famous flavour of Montreal, it’s equal parts smoky and savoury with just the right amount of trademark pepper zing to top everything off.