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Produced from Vidal and Seyval Blanc this delightful wine offers a wide range of enticing aromas. Orchard based peach, apple and pear notes are enhanced by delicate notes of orange blossom. The fruit aromas carry to the palate with delicate sweetness and clean finish. Like a sweet nectar this wine is easy drinking and a real crowd pleaser.

Food Pairings

Spice infused dishes, Vegetarian Green Thai Curry, Sea Food, Poultry or Appetizers



Additional Info

This wine is a blend of Vidal (VEE-dal) and Seyval (Say-val). Vidal is an Ugni blanc and Seibel 4986 hybrid variety. A cold tolerant vine that produces a wide variety of wine styles, from dry table wines to icewines. Common flavour profile is peach, apricot, floral and honey. Seyval is a Seyve-Villard hybrid of complex V. vinifera, V. rupestris, and V.aestivalis var. lincecumii parentage. Also a cold hardy variety that is tolerant to many soil types and yields a mildly fruity white wine with common flavours of floral, citrus, apricot, and plum. Great blending varieties and Honeysuckle is consistently the most popular wine at Waupoos Estates. It is super easy drinking, fruit forward with a nice residual sugar. It is smooth and very approachable. Typically very food friendly as well. Each year wines will be different but this wine we try to keep as similar as possible.

Winemaker’s Notes

For many years this has been our most popular white wine! The blend changes year to year but the end goal is always the same – create a fruit forward easy drinking white wine. Vidal and Seyval are two high yielding varieties that we grow and they blend very nicely together. Fruity, easy drinking at 18g/L residual sugar it balances the acidity with an off dry finish.