This light, dry wine showcases stone fruit on the nose and palate. Aromas of yellow plum, peach and hints of white cherry are heightened by notes of river stone. The fruit aromas carry to the palate with a lemon zest finish



Grilled chicken and mango skewers, halibut tacos, grilled mahi mahi, vegetarian Pad Thai, seafood fettuccine.



Additional Info:

Geisenheim (Guy-Zen-Hi-M) originates from Germany – specifically from The Geisenheim Institute. We grow two clones on the property, Geisenheim 322 and Geisenheim 318. 322 is a crossing of Seibel 7053 and Riesling, and 318 is a crossing of Riesling and Chancellor. Typically the Geisenheim variety has an aromatic profile of mineral, grapefruit, peach and hints of herbs. A light and lively variety that produces dry to sweet table wines. Love working with this aromatic variety! Often 322 has more Riesling characteristics – zesty, citrus and mineral. The other clone 318 always dominates with fuzzy peach candy notes – sounds crazy but it smells just like that favourite gummy candy!

Winemaker’s Notes:

We don’t always get to produce a Geisenheim 322 on its own! I find this clone is closer to Riesling, often with citrus notes, lemon grass and slate. This vintage shows that but with lots of stone fruit, its a nice complex profile and easy drinking wine (pretty dry at 8g/L residual sugar)