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Floral aromas of orange blossom dominate the profile with hints of Meyer lemon, lime and spice. The aromas carry to the palate with a crisp lingering finish



Asian or Indian cuisine (great with spicy dishes!), Spiced and crispy duck, classic BLT, crab cakes or coconut squash soup.



Additional Info:

Geisenheim (Guy-Zen-Hi-M) originates from Germany – specifically from The Geisenheim Institute. We grow two clones on the property, Geisenheim 322 and Geisenheim 318 which is a crossing of Riesling and Chancellor. Typically the Geisenheim variety has an aromatic profile of mineral, grapefruit, peach and hints of herbs. A light and lively variety that produces dry to sweet table wines. Love working with this aromatic variety!  318 always dominates with fuzzy peach candy notes – sounds crazy but it smells just like that favourite gummy candy!

Winemaker’s Notes:

We tried a skin contact wine with this Geisenheim – this means that instead of pressing the grapes and fermented the juice the grapes were crushed and the must (juice, grape skins and seeds) were fermented together. The skin contact was for 7 days, we then pump the must to our press and press and separating it, the wine continued to ferment for another 7 days. Awesome colour extraction just a faint blush and the flavour profile is top notch – easy drinking wine still pretty dry at 10g/L residual sugar