GEISENHEIM 318 Skin Contact 2021

This dry white displays amazing aromas of the classic ‘fuzzy peach’ candy. The candied peach is complimented by fresh golden pineapple and floral apple blossom. This bright fruit forward bouquet is balance by a whisper of slate. The palate is dominated by peach finishing with a crisp, zesty finish.

 Lightly seasoned white fish, pesto grilled chicken with peaches, grilled zucchini with goat cheese and honey. 



Geisenheim (Guy-Zen-Hi-M) originates from Germany – specifically from The Geisenheim Institute. We grow two clones on the property, Geisenheim 322 and Geisenheim 318.  318 is a crossing of Riesling and Chancellor. Typically the Geisenheim variety has an aromatic profile of mineral, grapefruit, peach and hints of herbs. A light and lively variety that produces dry to sweet table wines.

This wine was fermented for 11 days on the grape skins. The profile is fun and really peach forward, the fuzzy peach aromas comes out in this varietal like crazy! There are also notes of golden tropical fruit – this all carries to the palate, bone dry at 3g/L residual sugar