15 months in American Oak
Aromas of raspberry jam and fresh blackberry are complimented by more complex notes of mocha and coffee bean with a whisper of vanilla. The aromas carry to the palate with ample tannin and a rich finish.


Filet mignon, mushroom galette, beef stew, roasted beet salad, aged firm cheese.





Additional Info:

Frontenac was developed at the University of Minnesota. It is a French – American hybrid variety of Vitis Riparia x Landot Noir. It’s very disease resistant, cold tolerant and is a consistently heavy producer, with small, black berries in medium to large clusters. Frontenac’s deep garnet color complements its distinctive cherry aroma and inviting palate of blackberry, black currant, and plum. This versatile grape can be made into a variety of wine styles, including rosé, red, and port.

Winemaker’s Notes:

A stunning Frontenac! A single 500L puncheon barrel was produced, yielding only 50 cases. This wine has a lovely layered profile balanced between jam fruit and vanilla. Despite the sweet sounding profile this wine is bone dry.