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Red berry aromas of cherry and strawberry dominate the profile with hints of fig and pronounced notes of vanilla bean. The fruit comes through on the palate with vanilla throughout and a lingering toasty finish. Aged in American oak for 8 months and unfiltered


Rich roasted meats, cured meats and hard aged cheeses, roasted red pepper pasta or miso-roasted egg plant.





Additional Info:

Frontenac was developed at the University of Minnesota. It is a French – American hybrid variety of Vitis Riparia x Landot Noir. It’s very disease resistant, cold tolerant and is a consistently heavy producer, with small, black berries in medium to large clusters. Frontenac’s deep garnet color complements its distinctive cherry aroma and inviting palate of blackberry, black currant, and plum. This versatile grape can be made into a variety of wine styles, including rosé, red, and port.

Winemaker’s Notes:

Frontenac has been always been a great variety to work with. Year after year it shows beautiful notes of cherry. It has a nice acidity – not overbearing but enough that it is really versatile with food pairings. A sort of unknown variety – if you haven’t tried a Frontenac I recommend giving it a try!
This was a special vintage only one barrel produced! Only 34 cases!