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This rosé was produced with pressed juice from De Chaunac grapes. The juice had minimal skin contact but still pulled this beautiful colour! Aromas of strawberry and strawberry jam meet light floral notes of hibiscus and watermelon candy. The fruit carries to the palate with an off dry finish.


Thai curries, thyme roasted chicken, club sandwiches, fish tacos, Moroccan roasted vegetables, or salmon burgers.



Additional Info:

De Chaunac is a Seibel crossing of unknown parentage, the grape was named to honor the man who brought it to Canada from France. Once widely planted in North America due to its cold-hardiness and high yield, the susceptibility to vine viruses has resulted in its loss of favor. This little-known variety is easy-drinking, with cherry, raspberry, and a slight gaminess. This variety works in many different styles and again is a high yielding variety so that plays in our favour. It is not a common or widely planted variety and is quite unique to our vineyard.

Winemaker’s Notes:

This rose was produced with minimal skin contact – that means we crushed the grapes and pressed them and fermented the juice. Much like white wine production. That small amount of skin contact produced a deep ruby red rosé! Great flavour profile on this lots of strawberry – hints of that sweet floral hibiscus and my favourite watermelon candy very true to its description! A balanced acidity and off dry finish it sits at 22g/L residual sugar