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DE CHAUNAC Reserve 2019

Bright aromas of red fruit – raspberry, strawberry and cherry are wrapped in notes of honeycomb. This lighter aromatic profile is intensified with notes of sweet oak. The aromas carry to the palate with a nice acidity and oak finish.



turkey with chestnut stuffing, pork sausages, dumplings, Brie with cranberry sauce, butternut squash with walnuts.




3 g/L

Additional Info:

DeChaunac is also known as Seibel 9548. It is a cross of Seibel 5165 and possibly Seibel 793. Developed by Albery Seibel circa 1860 and named after Adhemar de Chaunac a pioneer in the Canadian wine industry.

It has a vigorous growth habit and good disease resistance, and also cold hardy. This little-known variety is easy-drinking, with cherry, raspberry, and a slight gaminess. This variety works in many different styles and again is a high yielding variety so that plays in our favour. It is not a common or widely planted variety and is quite unique to our vineyard.

Winemaker’s Notes:

I always like working with De Chauanc – it’s typically a high yielding variety and not wildly planted. It can produce a range of wine styles – this reserve showcases a great range in profile. The lighter red fruit blending with the sweeter notes of honeycomb and toasted oak. This dry red was aged in two American oak for 8 months and unfiltered. Only 600L produced