DE CHAUNAC No Added Sulphur 2021

Aromas of sour cherry and blueberry are complimented by notes of straw and molasses. The fruit notes carry to the palate with a fruit cake finish.

This wine was produced using the patented Purovino method from Italy. After harvest the grapes are treated with ozone in a temperature controlled environment. No sulphur was added to this wine during the production process.


Crispy duck, roasted poultry with cranberry sauce, Pho, or sweet barbequed pork.



Additional Info:

De Chaunac is a Seibel crossing of unknown parentage, the grape was named to honor the man who brought it to Canada from France. Once widely planted in North America due to its cold-hardiness and high yield, the susceptibility to vine viruses has resulted in its loss of favor. This little-known variety is easy-drinking, with cherry, raspberry, and a slight gaminess. This variety works in many different styles and again is a high yielding variety so that plays in our favour. It is not a common or widely planted variety and is quite unique to our vineyard.

Winemaker’s Notes:

De Chaunac is always a fun variety to work with, its capable of producing fruity light rosé wines to heavy big and bold reds. It is very high yielding, and not widely planted making it a fun unique variety for us. I normally describe it between a Pinot Noir and Merlot for weight and style. There was no sulphur added to this wine during it’s production.  This wine is super rich in colour with a light to mid body weight to it, only one month of oak contact it is light in tannin too. It is a small lot with only 600L produced and bone dry.