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DE CHAUNAC Appassimento 2020

Single 500L American Oak Barrel

These hand harvested grapes were dried in our greenhouse prior to crushing and fermenting. The bunches were carefully laid custom build racks in a single layer and dried for 4 – 7 days.

Aged 9 months in American oak, rich aromas of strawberry jam, preserved plum and hints of spice are lightened y notes of fresh raspberries and floral. These weighty aromas are balanced by notes of toasted oak and whispers of caramelized coconut. The aromas carry to the palate with a rich mouthfeel, balanced tannin and a lingering finish.
Single Barrel 500L puncheon barrel and unfiltered.


Crispy duck, grilled beef with rosemary potatoes, osso buco, grilled eggplant.






DeChaunac is also known as Seibel 9548. It is a cross of Seibel 5165 and possibly Seibel 793. Developed by Albery Seibel circa 1860 and named after Adhemar de Chaunac a pioneer in the Canadian wine industry.

It has a vigorous growth habit and good disease resistance, and also cold hardy. This little-known variety is easy-drinking, with cherry, raspberry, and a slight gaminess. This variety works in many different styles and again is a high yielding variety so that plays in our favour.

Winemaker’s Notes:

Done in the Appassimento method this is a beautiful big red! Awesome flavour profile and depth firm tannin from the new American oak barrel with a balanced acidity and alcohol.