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Blend: 36% Chardonnay 2015 63% Chardonnay 2018
Oak: French
Tasting Notes: Notes of toasted oak and Chai tea meet lighter aromas of green apple and citurs with a hint of pear and apple blossom. The aromas carry to the palate in this medium bodied dry wine.


Shellfish, seafood Paella, chicken, Risotto with spring vegetables, creamy vegetable soup, prosciutto and mild cheese.






Winemaker’s Notes:

The world’s most popular white grape variety, originating in Burgundy France Chardonnay is grown in virtually every wine growing region. A chameleon grape that is highly adaptable to manipulation in the vineyard and diversity in winemaking, it is capable of producing a wide range of wine styles. Often seen in a dry oaked style, it can also be light and crisp, sparkling or even sweet.

*This Chardonnay is classified as Non Vintage – no year. For a wine to be a specific vintage i.e. 2017 the wine must be at least 85% of 2017 wine.