BACO NOIR No Added Sulphur 2021

Notes of purple plum and cassis meet aromas of dried Thyme and cedar. The fruit aromas carry to the palate with a balanced acidity and earthy finish. Lighter in oak and tannin this wine is very food friendly.

This wine was produced using the patented Purovino method from Italy. After harvest the grapes are treated with ozone in a temperature controlled environment. No sulphur was added to this wine during the production process.


Pizza, burgers, grilled eggplant pasta, mushroom risotto, firm aged cheeses



Additional Info:

Baco Noir is a Folle blanche x V.riparia hybrid variety. It is widely planted in Ontario and almost unique to the province. A full flavoured grape that is used to produce dry table wines, it commonly produces deep dark pigmented red wines. Flavour profiles of the wines range from rich dark fruit, currant, spice, leather and can produce big earthy reds.

Winemaker’s Notes:

This is a really nice medium bodied red. Just one month of oak contact it has lighter oak influence (tannin and flavour) that really showcases the varietal. Lots of the purple plum notes that are balanced by the herbaceous and cedar elements. Fermented bone dry and only 600L made