Baco Appass 2016

Baco Noir Appassimento 2017

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These hand harvested grapes were dried in our greenhouse prior to crushing and fermenting. Our custom built pine racks were lined with maple leaves from our sugar bush. The bunches were carefully laid on the leaves in a single layer and dried for 4 – 7 days.

Oak:Hungarian oak
The bouquet is rich with blackberry, cherry and chocolate with hints of coffee bean and an underlying note of soft leather. The aromas carry to the palate ample tannins and a lingering finish.

Food Pairings: Braised beef, robust pasta dishes, strong cheeses, venison or lamb.
A great after dinner wine on its own or with decadent desserts.


Baco Noir is a Folle blanche x V.riparia hybrid variety. It is widely planted in Ontario and almost unique to the province. A full flavoured grape that is used to produce dry table wines, it commonly produces deep dark pigmented red wines. Flavour profiles of the wines range from rich dark fruit, currant, spice, leather and can produce big earthy reds.

Drying these grapes in our greenhouse was extremely rewarding! The end product is a fantastic big bold baco! The flavours are intensified, lots of dark red fruit enhanced by the oak. sitting at 10g/L residual sugar and a higher alcohol, very true to the appassimento style
Deliciously chewy