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Oak: American Oak

Aromas and flavours of plum, cassis and blackberry are balanced with strong notes of spice and hints of chocolate.

Food Pairings: Barbequed meats, lamb, venison, root vegetable stews

Style: Rich – A medium to full bodied wine with intense fruit heavy oak influence and ripe tannins 3g/L $28.95

Originating in Northern Rhône France where it is called Syrah (see-RAH), grown in Australia where its dual identity was coined Shiraz. This variety is gaining global popularity and is now grown worldwide. The Rhone style of Syrah displays this pepper/spice quality along with firm structured tannins that allow the wine to age for decades. Australian Shiraz’s tend to be much more fruit forward with smooth tannins. Common aromas and flavours are black currant, blackberry, plum, cherry, raisin, licorice, pepper, spice and a distinct floral aroma of violets.

This Shiraz was awesome to work with! It displays characteristic Shiraz aromas and flavours beautifully! We went with a coyote as the animal counterpart as the two can sometimes be underrated – but the Wily coyote is never out foxed. Overshadowed by the big Bordeaux reds Ontario Shiraz is gaining much more respect as a single varietal wine and also a fantastic contribution in blends.