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Rosé All Day with this mixed pack of cider!

This packaged includes

2 Bottles of Fruit Cocktail Cider

This apple cider was fermented with Ontario Strawberries, peaches and raspberries. This blush cider delivers an amazing fruit forward profile. Fresh notes of red berries and stone fruit dominate with crisp apple throughout. A maraschino cherry was added to each bottle! (* Allergen Note artificial dye is present from the maraschino cherry )
Food Pairings: A versatile cider great with light pizzas, quiche, roasted pork dishes or savory crepes.
Sweetness 17g/L

2 Bottles of Plum Cider

This cider was fermented with fresh plums from the Estate. The cider smelled sweet, candy like while fermenting and pulled a gorgeous blush hue from the plums. Tasting Notes: Amazing notes of candied plum and subtle notes of berry round the crisp apple profile. Flavours are bursting with fresh plum and lightened by apple. This dry cider gives the illusion of sweetness with its aroma profile, a full bodied layered cider with a clean finish.
Food Pairings: Turkey dishes, pork tenderloin, gnocchi, cheese and charcuterie, or flaky pastry desserts
Sweetness: 4g/L

2 Tall Cans of Hey Lady Cider

This cider was run over freshly pressed Baco Noir Grape skins, this added a little colour and a lot of flavour. Sweet notes of red berry and candied cherry are complimented by crisp notes of apple. The aromas carry to the palate – a balanced cider with a whisper of sweetness and crisp finish.
Food Pairings: Very versatile, great with roast pork or poultry dishes, pizza, or spice infused foods.

4 Cans of Cranberry Apple Cider

Blend: 80% Apple Cider 20% Cranberry
Tasting Notes: A great blend of Cranberry and Apple! Nicely balanced with a slightly tart finish.
Beautiful bright notes of cranberry compliment the softness of the apple, subtle notes of other red berry are present on the nose with some light floral. The palate is well balanced with a crisp finish.
Food Pairings: Great with turkey or poultry dishes, butternut squash soup, cheese and dried cranberries – in a salad or on their own with crackers.

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