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Muscat Osceola 2019

An  aromatic white wine with fresh notes of pineapple, golden tropical fruit and peach. Light notes of floral round the profile without overpowering. The aromas carry to the palate in this dry wine with a soft acidity and clean finish.


Great with fish and shellfish, grilled chicken kabobs, fresh green salads with berries or light firm cheeses.





Additional Info:

Muscat Osceola is one of the hardiest Muscat Varieties – this hybrid has a complex parentage of
Vitis Vinifera 35%, Vitis Rupestris 7.8%, Vitis Labrusca 6.3%, Vitis Riparia 3.1%.

Excellent winter hardiness and an early ripening varietal. These small clusters produce aromatic grapes with a profile that ranges from the classic spicy muscat notes, to ginger, apricot and pineapple. This variety is great for short season growing.

Winemaker’s Notes:

A newer planting for us at Waupoos, planted in 2015 the 2018 vintage was the first harvest of these three-year-old vines. Back to back years this variety ferments beautifully – like candied pineapple. The profiles are similar too, pineapple really taking the spotlight, other golden fruits are present as well as some stone fruit.  Such an aromatic wine I like to see in a dry style, it has a nice acidity but its’ overpowering. This is a great sipping wine on its own or super food friendly.


Random Fact: This variety is also known as Muscat de Swenson because it was bred by Elmer Swenson. The Osceola Muscat is named after the city Osceola, Wisconsin (USA) where Elmer Swenson had his farm and vineyards.