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Oak: American oak Rich aromas of cherry and raspberry are complimented by heavy aromas of chocolate and coffee bean. The fruit aromas carry to the palate with a smooth finish.

Food Parings: Hamburgers, grilled red meats or strong cheeses

3 g/L Sugar $21.95

Baco Noir is a Folle blanche x V.riparia hybrid variety. It is widely planted in Ontario and almost unique to the province. A full flavoured grape that is used to produce dry table wines, it commonly produces deep dark pigmented red wines. Flavour profiles of the wines range from rich dark fruit, currant, spice, leather and can produce big earthy reds.

After a day working with Baco it shows! This deeply pigmented wine is always exciting to work with. It is often temperamental and demands a lot of attention. It has a delicate balance with its acidity and seems to have two distinct characteristics of with earthy forest or dark fruit and berries. This baco is big on dark fruit with a bit of jam –¬† almost like a black berry reduction with¬† a low residual sugar (3g/L) the berry notes mix really nicely with toasty notes of coffee and oak