Our Executive Chef


Executive Chef Alex Molitz

In Ottawa, Ontario at the age of 13, Alex Molitz got his start in the restaurant business like most young chefs do by doing dishes, bussing tables and cleaning grease traps. From there, Alex continued to work in smaller, casual kitchens before graduating high school. One short week after his graduation, Alex attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Upon completion of his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts, Alex spent the next nine years working in kitchen across the United States and Amsterdam, including Auberge du Soliel which he considers to be his most difficult and influential experience. Alex also worked as fish cook at Craft in New York City under Tom Collicio and chef de partie of Garde Manager at Restaurant Daniel which he considers to be one of the most important pieces of his resume.

In 2009, Alex returned home to Toronto, Ontario working as sous chef for Jacobs & CO Steak House and the opening sous chef at Marben. Next, Alex decided to experiment with the corporate side of culinary, becoming sous chef at Jump and executive sous chef at Reds. He quickly realized that working as a corporate chef wasn’t the right fit and transitioned into a “mercenary cook” instead.

In 2014, Alex began as the sous chef at the Farmhouse Tavern and moved rapidly to executive chef within a month’s time. Alex describes this time as “working with an amazing crew, getting better every week and serving good, honest food for good people.” Under Alex’s leadership the Farmhouse Tavern was awarded the #1 Brunch Spot in Toronto and the #5 Best New Restaurant in Toronto, with the Toronto Star giving the restaurant 4.5/5 stars. During 2014, he was also featured in the Toronto Cooks Book Volume 1, written and curated by Amy Rosen who used his photo on the back cover.

After the Farmhouse Tavern, Alex took a 6 month break from kitchen life and worked at Meadowsweet organic farm in Stouffville, Ontario learning to grow produce and raise livestock. Towards the end of the season, Alex was approached by the owners of Geraldine, the #1 Absinthe and cocktail bar in Toronto at the time, and was brought on as their new executive chef. With Alex at the helm, Geraldine was awarded 3.5/4 stars by the Toronto Star. During his time with Geraldine, Alex triumphed in Season 1 of Underground Chef Cartel Battles and Season 3 of Chopped Canada where he won the $10,000 prize.

Alex moved to the island of Tortola in 2015 to work as the executive chef at The Dove in the British Virgin Islands and went on to work in St. Thomas at Oceana.

In 2017 Alex realized that his true calling was still in Ontario, where he could be close to producers, farmers and his fellow talented and passionate colleagues. He is now the Head Chef at Waupoos Estates Winery’s Farm to Table restaurant in Picton, Ontario. Alex considers this role “the biggest and most important thing he has ever done and couldn’t be happier”.

Personal life:

Alex Molitz comes from a diverse family of classical musicians, therapists, yoga instructors, chefs and restaurant owners. As you can imagine, growing up Alex had many opportunities to explore all of his interests with many family members whose expertise he could learn from. Eventually, his choices came down to music or food and ultimately Alex chose to pursue his culinary talents.

One of the most interesting things about Alex Molitz comes from the idea that all of our experiences become a piece of us, whether it is a piece of our hearts, our memories or our skin. Alex’s tattoos showcase this idea perfectly, he describes his tattoos as “having my resume on me”. His hands display the addresses of two of his most prestigious restaurants, the Farmhouse Tavern at 1627 Dupont Street and Geraldine at 1564 Queen Street West. The doves on his forearms represent his time at The Dove restaurant in the British Virgin Islands and the letters across his knuckles display his transition from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to St. Thomas (STT).

Alex not only has the highest standards for himself and his professional career, but these standards also carry through his craft. With a heavy emphasis on simplistic perfection, Alex strives to uphold Farm to Table and Field to Table cuisine. This means that each and every one of Alex’s ingredients from produce to protein has been locally sourced from within 100 km of the Waupoos Estates Winery.

At the age of 37, with more than 24 years of experience, Alex Molitz’s career can only continue its upward trajectory from here. Alex and his team at Waupoos Estates Winery look forward to serving you.