Lunch Menu


Farmhouse Bread ǀ 6
Warm baked breads, assorted olive oils, balsamic reduction, and daily spread

Farmhouse Daily Soup|8
Daily house made soup served with warm baked bread

Garden Greens ǀ 11
Local greens, pickled fresh veggies, onion straws, apple cider vinaigrette

Grilled Asparagus Salad |11
Grilled sweet County market stand Asparagus, sweet peas, mint goat cheese, spiced chili vinaigrette

Waupoos Garden Pesto Gnocchi  |13
Tender potato gnocchi, garden greens pesto


Charcuterie ǀ 15
Selection of Eastern Ontario cured meats, pickled vegetables, garden chutney, Cressy mustard, crostini

Cheese ǀ 16
Daily duo of Eastern Ontario hard and soft cheese, Waupoos preserves, candied nuts, pickled ginger, crostini

Really Long Board Meeting ǀ 35
Selection of all our COUNTY BOARD MEETINGS on one big board, hard and soft cheese, selection of cured meats, cold smoked salmon, Waupoos preserves, pickled veggies, Cressy mustard, crostini

Duck Breast Carpaccio  |13
Sweet house cured duck breast carpaccio, CLOVEN micro greens, pickled red onion, aged Baco and balsamic reduction


PEC Fish Fry ǀ 18
Barley Days battered Ontario Pickerel, fresh-cut fries, red cabbage slaw, charred lemon, preserved lemon and pickle aioli

Founder’s Burger ǀ 18
House made burger, Madawaska cream brie, pickled red onion, CLOVEN sprouts, tomato jam. Served with choice of house cut fries or garden greens                                        

Daily Quiche|14
Seasonal locally sourced ingredients, tender short pastry, rich savoury custard. Served with choice of garden greens salad or daily soup

Smoked Salmon ǀ 14
Waupoos cold smoked salmon, fresh onion pickles, preserved lemon and caper cream cheese, baguette, garden greens

Jerked Chicken Sammy ǀ 15
County jerked chicken thighs, charred cabbage slaw, carrot marmalade, lemon aioli. Served with choice of house cut fries or garden greens

 Mushroom Risotto ǀ 15
Slow cooked risotto, hearty mushroom ragout, charred endive, roasted garlic, sweet butter, balsamic reduction

Our focus is Farm to Table – Using the freshest proteins and produce from our Estate. What we cannot harvest ourselves we source as locally as possible from our friends and neighbours. We try our best to accommodate allergies or aversions.